Tuition Remission Form

Departments can use this form to submit a tuition remission.

Choose the correct form, based on the type of remission.

Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Program/Project Assistants and Lecturer Student Assistants (RA, TA, PA, and LSA), Athletics, Chancellor’s, Law School, Regents, Military, Powers Knapp, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), and Midwest Poultry

Download the Tuition Remission Form (xlsx)

WDFL, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS), and Advancement Opportunity Fellowship (AOF)

Download the Tuition Remission Fellowship Form (xlsx)


  1. Complete a separate form for each term. Do not mix terms.
  2. For “Department Name” list the name of the department authorizing the remission.
  3. For “Contact Person’s Name,” “Phone Number,” and “Email,” list who should be contacted for any questions pertaining to the authorization form submitted.
  4. The “Term Code” to be used correlates to the term the remission is for as defined on the Term Code List.
  5. For “Student name”, the name you enter on the form should match the student’s name in SIS.
  6. For “Campus ID, SIS Empl ID –or- SSN (National ID),” one of the three identifiers needs to be entered for each student.
  7. For “Type of Appointment”, follow instructions on the form.
  8. For “UDDS”, include the Department’s UDDS number.
  9. To remove/cancel a student’s remission:
    • It is the department’s responsibility to notify a student that their remission has been cancelled and that they are now responsible for paying their tuition and fees.
    • Use the appropriate authorization form and indicate the correct term code to cancel a student remission. Do not mix authorizations with cancellations on the same form; submit a separate form for cancellations only, indicating in the blank “enter special instructions and comments” box at the top of the form that you wish to have the remission cancelled.
      Complete the form for cancellations using the same instructions in 1-7 above.
  10. To add a remission that was not on the original remission form:
    • Send a separate form containing new names only.
    • When you name this file, follow the instructions in 11 below.
  11. To change a remission that was on the original remission form:
    • Send a separate remission form with instructions in the “enter special instructions and comments” box indicating what change needs to be made.
  12. Save a copy of the remission authorization form on your local drive. When deciding on a name for the form, make reference to your department in the file name.

How to upload this form

  1. Use the Bursar’s Office Secure Website
  2. Login with your NetID.
  3. Add the name of your department in the first entry box.
  4. Select the type of form you are submitting.
  5. Attach the file.
  6. Select “Upload File.”

The Bursar’s Office will receive notification once your upload is complete, and you will receive an email with the upload information. If you’re contacting our office regarding an upload file please reference the file ID number.