Driver Authorization and Insurance

How to become an authorized driver, and understand insurance coverages for UW–Madison automobile use.


Key Tasks

Driver Authorization

Driver Authorization approval results in liability protection for faculty/staff, students, TE's and volunteers while driving in the course and scope of their assigned University duties or responsibilities.

A UW Fleet vehicle

Automobile Insurance

Learn more about how automobile insurance coverage works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Vehicles travel through a newly-constructed, round-about. Risk Management can help with auto insurance coverage.

Reporting an Automobile Accident

Instructions on how to report a work-related automobile accident.

Automobile Accident

Rent or Lease A Vehicle

If you wish to rent or lease a vehicle, you will need to contact the UW-Madison Fleet Program. All prospective drivers must complete the appropriate driver authorization request form. Please see Driver Authorization for more information.

A four door passenger vehicle from the UW-Madison rental fleet

Background Information

As described in the State Self-Funded Liability Program (SSLP) section of the UW System Risk Management manual, University officers, employees, and agents are provided liability protection while acting within the scope of their employment or agency through the SSLP. This includes those actions which arise out of the use of a vehicle while on University business. To control the liability exposure that vehicle use generates, UW System administrators and/or institutional risk managers must monitor the use of vehicles while on University business. This exposure is best controlled through the use of a systematic driver approval and authorization program at each institution.

Vehicle use touches a wide variety of issues which affect the liability, property, and worker’s compensation programs of the University. This policy addresses driver authorization and vehicle use requirements while driving on University business. UW System Administrative Procedure 615.A, Driver Authorization Process and Requirements, provides further specificity.

The State of Wisconsin has established the Fleet Driver and Management Policies and Procedures Manual. These policies and procedures were consulted in the development of this policy. In some cases the UW System policy is more restrictive than the State’s policy. Individuals driving on University business should be familiar with the contents of the manual.


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