Camps and Clinics Insurance

Information about  Camps and Clinics insurance for PreCollege/Youth programming insurance.



All precollege and youth programs must register and be approved through the UW-Madison Office of Precollege/Youth Programming & Compliance. Once approved you will have access to the camps and clinics insurance for Precollege/Youth programming offered through UW-Madison Risk Management.

All youth camps and clinics offer by UW-Madison must obtain camps and clinics insurance coverage for the participants through UW-Madison Risk Management per Office of Precollege/Youth Programming & Compliance. This insurance program provides $10,000 worth of accident medical insurance coverage on a primary basis (not subject to co-pay), for youth programs sponsored by campus departments/units. Coverage is available at a minimal daily/weekly cost. The premium must be included in the enrollment.


To enroll your program in the coverage, prior to the beginning of the program you must forward a copy of your program brochure, along with the name of the coordinator and an approximate number of enrollees to UW-Madison Risk Management at Once the program is completed you must immediately forward a detailed list, by name, of all attendees in each program, along with the funding string to which premiums should be charged. Potential claims should be reported to our office when they occur and we will send out claim forms to the parents, along with instructions for filing a claim.

Notice of Injury

In the event of an camper injury the NOTICE OF INJURY form must be completed by the UW-Madison camp/program management and submitted to within one business day of the injury.

For more information, please contact UW Risk Management at below listed email or phone. Insurance policy coverage details are available on the UW System Camps and Clinics Insurance webpage.


Risk Management's location

Risk Management
21 North Park Street, Suite 5301
Madison, WI 53715

Contact Risk Management By Phone

Phone: 608-262-8926