International Health Insurance

University of Wisconsin students

The Board of Regents has mandated all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program must enroll in CISI International Health Insurance coverage. (See UWSA Policy 145)

UW–Madison faculty, staff, employees, and agents

Effective January 1, 2022, enrollment in CISI International Health Insurance coverage will be mandatory for all University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty, staff employees and agents traveling abroad for the purpose of University-related business and/or educational programs. This is required pursuant to joint memorandum of the UW–Madison Provost Office and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

Please note: CISI International Health Insurance coverage is not available for personal travel. CISI reserves the right to invalidate coverage and deny all claims presented related to personal travel.

Faculty and staff who sustain an injury while in the course and scope of their employment during University-related travel may also be eligible for Worker’s Compensation benefits.

CISI Insurance Enrollment Options and Instructions

Please contact the Office of Risk Management at with any questions on the coverage.

CISI International Health Insurance Plan Information

The CISI International Health Insurance plan provides emergency out-of-country medical treatment expense coverage while traveling abroad. There is no deductible.

The CISI Insurance Plan provides several additional benefits including emergency medical evacuation benefits; repatriation benefits; 24/7 medical referral, travel and technical assistance; trip delay benefits; baggage delay and lost baggage coverage, among other benefits.

A CISI Insurance Plan informational packet is available as a digital resource (CISI Insurance Plan info – PDF) and upon request by contacting the Office of Risk Management.

Travelers should contact their personal health insurer directly to determine how or if their personal health insurance plan provides coverage while traveling abroad.


The myCISI Participant Guide provides a helpful overview of the myCISI Participant Portal, which is a comprehensive online portal that provides travelers with information and tools to manage their travel itinerary, as well as access to 24/7 medical, personal, travel and security support.

To download and use the myCISI Participant Portal Mobile App, please review the myCISI Traveler App overview.


The current monthly premium rate for travelers is $42.84 per month. Note: This includes a Medical/Health portion ($39.84/month) and Personal Liability portion ($3/month).

Three short-term premium rate options are also available:

  • One-Week Rate for short-term travel of 1-7 days is $12.24 (Medical/Health portion $11.38, Personal Liability portion $0.86)
  • Two-Week Rate for short-term travel of 8-14 days is $22.26 (Medical/Health portion $20.70, Personal Liability portion $1.56)
  • Three-Week Rate for short-term travel of 15-21 days is $31.71 (Medical/Health portion $29.49, Personal Liability portion $2.22)

For travel more than 21 days, the premium is calculated by multiplying the monthly premium rate ($42.84) by the number of months coverage is needed, rounding to the end of the full month in which travel will end. For example: Travel from August 1 to December 13 would be calculated as five (5) months multiplied by the monthly rate of $42.84 = $214.20 Total Premium Cost.

Coverage for accompanying spouse and dependents

After the UW–Madison traveler has enrolled in CISI coverage, the traveler may purchase CISI coverage for their accompanying spouse and/or dependents. For details on the enrollment process for spouses and dependents, please see the “Dependent Coverage” Enrollment Option and instructions provided below.

CISI insurance enrollment options

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The CISI Online Self-Enrollment Option allows UW-Madison students, faculty and staff to immediately enroll themselves (using a valid credit card) in the CISI international health insurance plan created for UW-Madison sponsored international programs and activities. NetID is required to access.

Travelers are recommended to complete the Online Self-Enrollment process at least 2 days prior to trip departure.

Once enrolled, a Participant ID card and related Consulate Letter confirming your enrollment will be emailed to you. You will also be provided with access to the myCISI Participant Portal, which can be used to manage details of your trip.

For questions or issues with the CISI online Self-Enrollment process, please contact the Office of Risk Management at:

Department Program enrollment

The CISI Online Self-Enrollment Option is the preferred method of enrollment for travelers.

A limited number of UW–Madison Departmental Programs have received authorization and credentials to work directly with CISI to complete CISI group enrollments for their traveling students, faculty, and staff.

Departmental Program offices who have been authorized to work directly with CISI may enroll their travelers by: 1) Completing the most current CISI Enrollment Spreadsheet and; 2) Uploading the completed spreadsheet to CISI’s online Client Portal to complete enrollment for their travelers. The current CISI Enrollment Spreadsheet is located on CISI’s online Client Portal. The following information is required complete the CISI Enrollment Spreadsheet: Program Name; Traveler Name (Last Name, First Name); Gender; Date of Birth; Coverage Start Date; Coverage End Date; Length of Enrollment Period (Monthly, 1-2-or 3 Weeks); Destination Country/City.

For guidance in utilizing CISI’s online Client Portal for enrollments or to request CISI authorization to complete Departmental group traveler enrollments directly with CISI, please contact the Office of Risk Management at:

Departmental Program offices who have not received authorization and credentials to enroll their travelers directly through CISI’s online Client Portal are encouraged to process traveler enrollments through the CISI Online Self-Enrollment Option, utilizing the Departmental Purchase Card as method of payment for each traveler. All premiums must be paid at the time of traveler enrollment.

Please note: The Office of Risk Management is unable to complete CISI traveler enrollments on behalf of Departmental Programs.

Dependent coverage

The CISI plan allows for the accompanying spouse and dependent(s) of the UW-Madison traveler to be enrolled in the coverage. After enrolling in CISI coverage, the participant traveler may enroll dependents by completing the Dependent Enrollment Form, saving and emailing the completed form to CISI directly at:

CISI will process the dependent enrollment form within 2 weeks of receipt, charging premiums to the participant traveler’s credit card. Personalized enrollment materials for the dependents will be sent to the email address provided during enrollment. Please note dates of coverage for dependents cannot exceed dates the participant traveler’s dates of coverage.

Dependent coverage rates:

  • One-Week Rate for short-term travel of 1-7 days is $16.04
  • Two-Week Rate for short-term travel of 8-14 days is $29.49
  • Three-Week Rate for short-term travel of 15-21 days is $45.01
  • Monthly Dependent Coverage Rate (travel more than 21 days) is $57.43


Risk Management's location

Risk Management
21 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

Note – Please contact the email address with questions and/or to schedule an in-person meeting. Advanced meeting scheduling is necessary in order to meet with Risk Management staff; drop-in appointments are not available.