Unmanned Aircraft Systems -Drones

Overview of important points related to the regulated use of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) /Drones at UW-Madison.

UW–Madison requires safe and lawful use of drones for research and instructional use. The UW–Madison unmanned aircraft system (UAS) use policy helps researchers and instructors meet the Federal Aviation Association’s rules for flying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – better known as aerial drones – while also helping to protect privacy. UW-Madison has established the UAS Ethics and Safety Committee to provide direction and guidance in this area. See https://research.wisc.edu/uw-madison-uas-use/ for details on policy and procedures.


Supplemental insurance coverage has been procured to cover authorized UAS/drone operations. This includes $2 million in aviation liability limits and $100k aggregate in physical damage / hull coverage limits. Details include –

  • The aviation liability coverage has no deductible and our self-funded liability program will be excess of the $2 million in liability limits.
  • The physical damage / hull coverage is a shared aggregate of $100K for all state drones with a deductible of 5% each and every loss.

Report all UAS claims to Risk Management at riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu or call 608-262-0379.


To secure insurance coverage all UW-Madison drones/UAS must be reported to Risk Management (include make, model name/number, serial number or equivalent, purchase price, Department/Unit name, and any extra equipment that will be attached to the unit including that value). Send to Risk Management at riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu.

Contact us with any questions at riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu.   


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