Division of Business Services Newsletter – April 2019

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Purchase Order Invoice Submissions

Historically Accounts Payable has had Delegation Audit Agreements with certain departments allowing them to submit invoices directly to us. Our AP-Invoices email box is not being used as intended.

All PO invoices should be submitted to Accounts Payable by the Vendor, with some exceptions.

Get more information and details.

Did You Know?
Interpreting Payment Numbers to Determine Payment Method

Payment number can be used to determine the payment method used.

No leading zeros is a check, ex. 1414113 or 400001
One leading zero is an ACH or PPL, ex. 0437249
Two or more leading zeros is a WIR, ex. 0001109

Using UPS vs. FedEx

When utilizing shipping for University business, we encourage you to use UPS as your shipping provider because of the following benefits:

  • UPS has more competitive shipping rates than FedEx, ranging from 10-15% lower, depending on the package.
  • UPS has a dedicated Sales and Customer Service representatives to help with issues.
  • UPS Campus Ship invoice payments are automated and require less time to audit.

Get more information on Invoices and Funding Strings. Also see Business Services website “How To” pages under Shipping for further information and UPS contact information.

Positive Approvals

When receiving an email for Positive Approval please note on the invoice or in the notes if it is the Final Payment.

Two New Division Level Reports from Accounting Services

Accounting Services will be sending out monthly division level reports detailing stale dated checks at least five months old and checks that have been voided or reissued in the last month. These will give increased transparency for all divisions on whether payments are successfully reaching payees, checks that are being reworked, and checks that will be included in stale dated check processing.

The void and reissue report began in March and the stale dated check report will begin May 1st.

Please contact Mark Domaszek for more information on division report recipients.

Coming in June: Basics of Fiscal Year-End Reporting

If you work with Accounts Receivable, Deferred Expenses or Supplies Inventory and you’d like a year-end reporting tutorial or refresher, then this training is for you! Don’t miss it.
Thursday, June 13, 2019
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Rooms 1106 and 1108, 21 N Park Street
Register at https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?CK=64888

Additional Business Services Training

Many Division of Business Services training sessions are available to you and your staff throughout May and June 2019. The entire list can be viewed in the OHRD catalog at https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?tabid=29&SeriesKey=202.