Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind are tangible items, goods, or services the University typically would have to otherwise buy if the item, good, or service hadn’t been donated.

How to report

  • Complete a Gift In Kind Routing Form, attach all applicable supporting documentation, and route to the Dean/Director/Divisional Business Office for approval and signatures.
  • Forward the approved form and attachments to Gift Management.
  • Gift Management will review the information provided for compliance with policy.
  • If the donor wishes for an agreement to be signed, forward the agreement to Gift Management for review and signature.
  • Gift Management will request review by Legal Services or Risk Management if necessary.
  • If the item(s) being donated is deemed to be capital equipment property valued at $5,000 or more, supporting documentation on how the value was determined must be attached. This is to ensure the capital asset is substantiated upon an audit selection.
  • Gift Management then notifies the department that the donation can be accepted.

How to accept

  • The campus department coordinates taking physical custody of the item(s).
  • Once the item(s) has been received by the campus department, the department is responsible for issuing a Gift In Kind Acknowledgement Letter to the donor and providing a copy to Gift Management. The language used in the letter template should be incorporated for tax purposes.
  • Do NOT include an estimated value of the donation in the Donor Acknowledgement Letter. Any Form 8283 requested by a donor can be signed by Gift Management on behalf of UW-Madison (Donee Acknowledgement).
  • If the item(s) donated is deemed to be capital equipment property, Gift Management will provide documentation to Property Control so the asset can be properly tagged and added to the Asset Management System.

Other considerations

There are instances where Gifts in Kind are reported to and accepted by UW Foundation on behalf of UW–Madison. In these cases, UW Foundation will acknowledge the donor and provide Gift Management with pertinent information regarding the donation. There is no need for the campus department to provide a separate acknowledgment letter to the donor.

See the UW-3009 Gifts in Kind Policy for further guidance on this topic.

If a department/division becomes aware of a Gift in Kind donation after it has been received on campus, they should complete and submit the Gift in Kind Routing Form along with applicable attachments. Submitting the Gift in Kind Routing Form ensures donated items are properly acknowledged in writing to the donor and properly reported to the Board of Regents.


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