Permanent Residence/Immigrant Status (Including Refugees and Asylees)

Type(s) of Payments Allowed

  • Any employment and non-employment payments (services, rents, royalties, research subjects, etc.).
  • For payment purposes treat Permanent Residents the same as U.S. Citizens or U.S. Person (U.S. Person).
  • Note:  Refugees and Asylees are eligible for employment and other payments in the same way that permanent residents are.

Length of Stay

  • Indefinite

Tax Liability/Withholding

  • Federal:  same as U.S. citizens
  • State:  same as U.S. citizens

Forms Needed for Non-Payroll Payments (Non-employees paid through Accounting Services)

  • same as U.S. citizens
  • To comply with proper business and audit documentation practices, the UW requires that a copy of the form I-551 (Permanent Resident card which is also commonly called the “green card”) or “processed for I-551” stamp in passport be attached to the payment request form (PIR, etc.).

Forms Required for Payroll Payments (Employees paid through Human Resource System (HRS)

  • Form I-551, Resident Alien card (“green card”) or “processed for I-551” stamp in passport.
  • Contact you Dean’s Office Payroll Representative for additional documentation required for completing the I-9 Verification and other required documents to set up the employee on the Human Resources System (HRS).


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Can the UW Sponsor a Permanent Residency Application for Non-Employment Purposes?

No. The UW may only sponsor Permanent Residency Applications for employment purposes.

Can the UW Sponsor a Permanent Residency Application for Employment Purposes?

  • UW-Madison has a very clearly defined policy stating for whom it will sponsor a permanent residence application.  Please contact the office of Internal Faculty and Staff Services (IFSS) for details.
  • Note: In the case of a tenured position, permanent residence is the only option, as non-immigrant status is not appropriate.
  • Applications for permanent residence (immigrant status) may only be filed for positions that are considered to be permanent.  INS defines a permanent position as one that is tenured, on the tenure track, or “for a term of indefinite or unlimited duration, and in which the employee will ordinarily have an expectation of continued employment unless there is good cause for termination.”  In general, a position must be full time, permanent, offer the prevailing wage and require professional level skills to qualify for permanent residence.
  • Length of Time to Process Application for Permanent Residency
    Approximately one year
  • Special Conditions
  • Applying for permanent residence is a lengthy process involving two or three government agencies.  A person currently in the U.S. must maintain a valid non-immigrant status throughout the entire process.  Please contact the office of Internal Faculty and Staff Services (IFSS) for details.
  • Required Documents Summary
    • Department Request Form
    • Dean’s or Director’s Authorization
    • Documentation of Recruitment Process
    • Documentation of Applicant’s Qualifications (Please contact the office of Internal Faculty and Staff Services (IFSS) for details)