Permanent Residence/Immigrant Status (Including Refugees and Asylees)

Type(s) of payments allowed

  • Any employment and non-employment payments (services, rents, royalties, research subjects, etc.).
  • For payment purposes, treat permanent residents the same as U.S. citizens or U.S. persons.
  • Note: Refugees and asylees are eligible for employment and other payments in the same way that permanent residents are.

Tax liability/withholding

  • Federal: same as U.S. citizens
  • State: same as U.S. citizens

Forms required to process payments

  • Same as U.S. citizens.
  • To comply with proper business and audit documentation practices, the UW requires a copy of the permanent resident card (commonly called the “green card”), Form I-551 (the immigrant visa stamp in the passport), or “processed for I-551” stamp in passport be attached to the payment request form (PIR, etc.).

Immigration Questions

For immigration questions, go to Terra Dotta.