COVID 19 Account Codes- FAQs

General Questions: Question: Why were separate COVID account codes created? The COVID-19 account codes were created to identify COVID activity for various reporting requirements including those from the EOC (Emergency Operations Center), UWSA Finance Response …

801 Records Retention Schedule Policy

This Policy covers all types of fiscal records. This includes general financial administration records, gift and grant administration, payments and receipts, state banking and cash management, general ledger, capital improvement and projects, internal controls, and collection.

704 Non-Sponsored Projects Policy

A non-Sponsored project is a project that is funded by an internal entity such as a state agency, UW institution or another UW-Madison department which doesn’t have billing or reporting requirements.

703 Cost Transfer Request (Non-Salary) Non-Grant–any fund except 133 and 144 Policy

There are circumstances in which it may be necessary to transfer expenditures to a fund after the initial recording of the charge. A Cost Transfer Request (Non-salary) is an after-the-fact reallocation of costs.  The Cost Transfer Request (Non-salary) is used to transfer funds/move expenditures from one fund, department, project, account, amount, etc. to another to assure the accuracy of the general ledger and data integrity.