3008.3 Transfer-in with New Hire Procedure

Procedure # 3008.3; Rev.: 0 (Effective January 1, 2017)
Related Policy: Capital Equipment Policy
Functional Owner: Property Control, Business Services
Contact: Property Control Mailbox, property@bussvc.wisc.edu


  1. Procedure statement
  2. Who is affected by this procedure
  3. Procedure
  4. Contact roles and responsibilities
  5. Definitions
  6. Related references
  7. Revisions

I. Procedure statement

With prior approval from their respective Dean’s Office, departments may transfer-in equipment from another institution as part of a new hire’s recruitment package. The term “transfer-in” refers to capital equipment received from another institution (usually another university) either at no cost to UW–Madison, or at an agreed upon purchase of existing (used) equipment from a new hire’s prior institution. Purchase is only allowed if the equipment already exists at the new hire’s prior institution. UW–Madison departments that receive transfers-in are responsible for notifying Property Control in writing.

Property Control will create a new inventory record for individual transferred items valued at $5,000 or more that meet the definition of capital equipment. For $0 transfers, Property Control will record items at the book value provided by the transferring organization. For purchases, Property Control will record items at the item level sale price. If this is not possible, Property Control will record items at market value estimated by the receiving department.

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II. Who is affected by this procedure

This procedure applies to all UW–Madison departments. It should be understood by Department Managers, Department Property Administrators (DPAs), Department Chairs, Directors, Deans, Division CFOs and employees responsible for equipment.

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III. Procedure

The following steps represent the overall process of recording and tagging capital equipment items that transfer-in with a new hire from their prior institution:

  1. Employees (Department Chairs, Department Administrators or new hires) who anticipate transfer-in of equipment from another institution should notify their Department Property Administrator (DPA) and provide information on the transaction (e.g. sale or $0 transfer, description of capital equipment items, new hire’s name, former department’s name, and point of contact for approving the transfer at the other institution, etc.).
  2. DPA notifies Property Control of the transfer-in via email. For capital equipment transfers under a purchase scenario, notify Division of Business Services, Purchasing Services to assist with negotiation of the purchase price of the equipment. When the UW-Madison department codes the purchase to a capital equipment account code, payment to the new hire’s prior institution will trigger Property Control to follow-up under the normal capital equipment purchase process. Together, Property Control and the DPA will establish the completed records (refer to Procedure 3008.1 – Recording and Tagging Capital Equipment).
  3. For $0 transfers, Property Control will attempt to contact the transferring organization’s property control function to obtain book value of transferring equipment.
  4. If Property Control cannot contact the transferring organization, Property Control will request the new hire’s department provide an estimated market value of the transferring equipment.
  5. Department financial staff should estimate market value and gather supporting documentation for the estimate. This may include but is not limited to:
    1. Independent appraisal
    2. Invoice or receipt associated with similar purchase
    3. Market pricing for similar equipment
  6. After determining value, Property Control establishes inventory records for items valued at $5,000 or more. Property Control obtains information from the transferring organization and the new hire’s department.
  7. Property Control will issue a unique asset barcode tag and generate a Capital Equipment Confirmation Form for each transferred capital equipment item. Property Control will mail asset barcode tags and Capital Equipment Confirmation Forms to DPAs, in batches, monthly.
  8. Follow Procedure 110.1 Recording and Tagging Capital Equipment Purchases after corresponding step #4.

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IV. Contact roles and responsibilities

wdt_ID Transfer In (via No Purchase or Purchase) Responsible Employee (new hire) DPA Dept Chair/ Dept Admin Dept Fin Staff Property Control
1 1) Notify DPA of pending transferred capital equipment and associated equipment description and contact information for person at the new hire’s prior institution authorizing the transfer. X X
2 2) Notify Property Control in writing. Notify Purchasing Services to negotiate the purchase price of the equipment. X
3 3) If a $0 transfer, attempt to contact transferring organization to obtain book value. X
4 4) If cannot contact transferring organization, request estimated market value. X
5 5) Estimate market value, support estimate. X
6 6) Establish inventory records for transferred items valued at $5,000 or more. X
7 7) Create Capital Equipment Confirmation Form and send it, along with appropriate asset barcode tag (red or blue), to the DPA for each transferred asset entered into the system. X
8 8) Pick up and follow balance of Procedure 110.1 after the point that Property Control sends the Capital Equipment Confirmation Form (step #4). X (if needed) X X

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V. Definitions

Capital Equipment Definitions (PDF)

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VI. Related references

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VII. Revisions

Procedure Number 3008.3
Date Approved January 1, 2017
Revision Dates Jan. 19, 2021 – Changed Procedure Number to 3008-3 from 110.3

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