3024.8 Using Foundation Funding in e-Reimbursement

Using Foundation Funding in e-reimbursement
Procedure # 3024.8
Rev.: 1
Effective Date: June 30, 2020

Related Policy: UW-3024 Expense Reimbursement Policy
Functional Owner: Accounting Services, Division of Business Services
Contact: Expense Reimbursement Program Manager – Allie Demet, expensereimbursement@bussvc.wisc.edu, (608) 263-3525


I. Procedure statement
II. Who is affected by this procedure
III. Procedure
IV. Contact roles and responsibilities
V. Definitions
VI. Related references
VII. Revisions

I. Procedure statement

Expenses may be charged to the Wisconsin Foundation Alumni Association (WFAA) when appropriate. EReimbursement Approvers are responsible for entering WFAA funding. Upon approval of the expense reimbursement, the claimant receives one payment from the University. Accounting Services then bills WFAA for their portion.

II. Who is affected by this procedure

Employees who seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket or Corporate Card expenses; alternates who prepare expense reimbursements in eReimbursement; Approvers and Auditors; Divisional Business Officers and others who have approval authority.

III. Procedure

A. Expense Report Submission (Traveler/Alternate role)

  1. For expenses with food and/or drinks, claimants/alternates must enter the number of attendees and their names into eReimbursement. This is required for the “Meal-Hosted” and “Event-Catering” expense types.  When entering expenses:
    1. Enter the total number of attendees in the “How many people” field.
    2. Enter the names and affiliations of the attendees in the “Add Additional Attendees” box.
      1. For events with 20 or fewer attendees, enter all attendees here. A list attached to the expense report is not sufficient.
      2. For events with more than 20 attendees, enter at least the names and affiliations of all attendees from the University. Attendees from outside organizations may be listed in an attachment.
  2. Claimants submit expense reimbursements without entering WFAA funding. Include in the justification notes the amount being charged to WFAA and the name and number of the WFAA account, if known.

B. Entering Foundation Funding Information (Approver Role)

e-Reimbursement approvers are responsible for entering WFAA funding information. Claimants, alternates, and auditors do not have this ability.

  1. Access the expense line funding for the expense being charged to WFAA funding.
    1. While in the summary view of an expense reimbursement in your approval queue, click the Expense Details link.
    2. View the expense line funding by expanding the two grey arrows. The first is to the left of the expense date, the second is above “Accounting Details”.
  2. If expense is split between UW funding and WFAA funding, add additional funding lines as needed. Funding lines are added by using the plus sign at the far right end of the funding string (may require using the scroll bar below the funding string).
    1. Expenses must be split at the funding line level within one expense line. Do not enter multiple expense lines for the same expense.
    2. For Hosted Events and Business Meals, alcohol and meal overages must be split onto separate funding lines. Meal expenses which include alcohol and meal overages will have three funding lines.
      1. Portion allowable on UW funding
      2. Alcohol to WFAA
      3. Meal overages charged to WFAA
  3. For WFAA funding lines, change the account code to 6240. Hit tab. Click the “Foundation” link that appears at the far left of the funding string.
    1. UW Fund Account Type: leave as “UW Foundation” unless instructed to change by Athletics Business Office.
    2. UW Foundation Account Number: enter the 9-digit WFAA account number.
    3. Account Description: enter the title of the WFAA account.
    4. Reason for Foundation Use: enter justification for why WFAA funding is appropriate and/or UW funding is not appropriate.
    5. Click “OK”
  4. Enter any other relevant information in the Description box of the expense line. This Description box and the “Reason for Foundation Use” box are the only justifications WFAA has access to when reviewing these expenses.  The billing process may be delayed if necessary information is included elsewhere in the expense reimbursement.

C. Reimbursement payment

Claimants receive one payment from the University, even for expense reimbursements split between UW and WFAA funding.

D. Billing process

Accounting Services bills WFAA for their portion of e-Reimbursement payments after the reimbursements have been paid.

IV. Contact roles and responsibilities

  1. Claimant/Alternate: Responsible for understanding and complying with Business Meals, Hosted Events, Official Functions and University travel and purchasing polices. Responsible for entering number of attendees and their names and affiliations.  Responsible for retaining all required documentation.
  2. Approver: Responsible for entering WFAA funding information, ensuring amounts split between WFAA and UW funding are accurate, and providing sufficient justification for e-Reimbursement auditors and WFAA personnel to approve expenses.
  3. Accounting Services: Responsible for reviewing WFAA expenses, billing expenses to WFAA and processing payments from WFAA.

V. Definitions

  • Claimant: individual claiming reimbursement for expenses.
  • Alternate: individual granted authority to enter expense reimbursements on behalf of a claimant.
  • Approver: the first reviewer of expense reimbursements, also known as “Required Departmental Approver.”
  • Auditor: the final expense reimbursement reviewer, also known as “Required Final Approver.”
  • WFAA: Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. WFAA is a separate, non-profit entity which solicits and accepts gifts on behalf of the University and invests and protects those gift funds until needed by the University.
  • e-Reimbursement: the University’s web-based expense reimbursement submission and review tool.

VI. Related references

VII.  Revisions

Procedure Number 3024.8
Date Approved June 30, 2020
Revision Dates Jan. 19, 2021 – Updated Procedure Number to 3024.8 from 320.8