3079.1 Processing a Relocation Stipend Procedure

The University of Wisconsin–Madison allows units to pay relocation stipends for new and presently employed personnel assigned to new locations by transfer or promotion, in accordance with IRS regulations. This procedure documents steps to complete two payment options; via the Human Resource System (HRS/Payroll) or the Shared Financial System (SFS / E-Reimbursement).

Business Meal Calculator

Worksheet used to help determine the amount of money possible to refund for business meal expenses.

3024.8 Using Foundation Funding in e-Reimbursement

Expenses may be charged to the Wisconsin Foundation Alumni Association (WFAA) when appropriate. e-Reimbursement Approvers are responsible for entering WFAA funding. Upon approval of the expense report, the claimant receives one payment from the University. Accounting Services then bills WFAA for their portion.

3024.7 How to Process an Expense Report Not in Compliance with the University’s Accountable Plan Procedure

All expense reports must be submitted within 90 days. Divisional approving authorities can approve payments submitted after 90 days by attaching a signed approval form to the expense report. Upon approval, these expense reports are reviewed by Accounting Services and reported as taxable income to the recipient unless the documented circumstances surrounding the expense report made timely submission impossible.