Claim Unidentified Deposits Form

Use this form for claiming or excepting funds on the Unidentified Deposit List.

Instructions on how to claim unidentified deposits

  1. Review the Unidentified Deposit List.
  2. Identify receipt belonging to your department/division.
  3. Claim the receipt by completing the Unidentified Deposits: Jet Upload Form (Excel) along with submitting supporting documentation to claim the receipt. See steps 4 through 6 below.
  4. Complete the Unidentified Deposit Jet Upload Form using the Unidentified Deposit List Check issuer’s name and Wire/ACH Originator’s Name, Bank Deposit Date, PO No., Check No. (if applicable), Invoice No., and Journal ID.
    • For each receipt claimed, include the department ID (required), fund (required), program code (required), project (if applicable), account (required), tax code (if applicable), amount, PO number (if applicable) and invoice number (if applicable).
    • On the bottom of the form, enter your name, department name, 6 digit Department ID, phone number, and email.
    • Check reason for receiving funds by checking the type of receipts/processes which apply these checks, wires and/or ACH deposits.
  5. Provide supporting documents to claim the receipt. See examples below:
    • Receipt for accounts receivable invoice – copy of invoice(s).
    • Receipt for services/products – information on the type of services/products provided and copy of sales receipt (if available).
    • Receipt of fees – information on the type of fee and copy of sales receipt (if available).
    • Receipt for down payment – information on type of down payment and copy of sales receipt (if available).
    • Receipt for tuition – information on type of tuition and a copy of the tuition invoice(s).
    • Receipt of sponsored project/program – correspondence requesting receipt and/or agreement(s) with the sponsors.
    • Vender Refund related – copy of expenditure transaction in WISER and if applicable the accounts payable voucher and check number.
    • Purchase Order related – copy of purchase order funding in WISER.
    • Purchasing Card related – copy of purchasing card transaction in WISER.
    • Travel Reimbursement – copy of travel expense funding in WISER.
  6. Send email to Cash Management and CC your Dean’s Office contact along with attaching the Unidentified Deposit Jet Upload Form as an excel file and the supporting documentation.
  7. Please contact Cash Management if you have any questions.

Note: Your Dean’s Office/Division Office and Cash Management reserves the right to review and approve your requests to claim this money.