Void Payments and Proof of Payment

How to void a payment with or without reissue, stop a payment, or request a check copy or proof of payment.

This guide will help you request:

  • A payment made by check be voided with or without reissuing the check.
  • A stop payment be placed on a check.
  • A check copy, or proof of payment.

Void a payment made by check with or without reissue

    • If you have the physical check, please write VOID on the check and return it to Accounting Services.
    • If you do not have the physical check or it cannot be returned the Accounting Services, we will stop the payment at US Bank.

Void a check with reissue:

When to use this method:

  • Payee did not receive the check.
  • Check was lost or damaged.
  • Check is stale dated.
  • Vendor name is misspelled.
  • Check was mailed to the wrong address or the address has changed. In this situation, provide Business Services the new address and the vendor file will be updated.
    • The vendor number or dollar amount cannot be changed.
    • In most cases, the new check will be mailed to the payee.
    • If the vendor is now set up on ACH, the payment method will be changed from check to ACH.
    • If you want to change the payment method to wire, complete a wire form.

Void a check without reissue:

When to use this method:

  • Duplicate payment was made.
  • Incorrect dollar amount was paid.
  • Wrong vendor number was paid.
  • Payment was made in error or is no longer needed.
    • Funds will be returned to the original funding source.

Complete and submit a Check Action Form. Use this form to provide the information needed to Accounting Services to void a check.

Provide as much information as is known on the check action form including:

  • Vendor or payee name
  • Check or reference number
  • Voucher number or expense report number
  • Dollar amount
  • Payment date
  • New address, if applicable.

Stop payment on a check

The payment will be voided with or without reissue in SFS. If Accounting Services does not physically have the check, Accounting Services will place a stop payment on the check at US Bank.

Request a copy of a check or proof of payment

  • Provide payment information on the Check Action Form.
  • Accounting Services will email a copy of the front/back of the check.


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