Reporting an Automobile Accident

How to report an automobile accident at UW-Madison.

In the event of a work-related automobile accident follow all applicable laws and these instructions for reporting to campus.

If injuries are involved

Seek medical necessary medical assistance, and call 911 first.

Notify Risk Management of any injuries as soon as possible by phone at 608-262-8926.

If there is an employee injury, use Worker’s Compensation information for further instructions on completing necessary injury reports.

Report the accident

All automobile accidents of any kind must be reported to:

  • The local law enforcement agency
  • One’s Supervisor/Manager/Department Administration
  • UW-Madison Risk Management within 24 hours or, in the case of injury, as soon as possible by phone at 608-262-8926. Leave message if no answer.
  • UW Fleet (if fleet vehicle involved)
  • Rental Vehicle company listed on the rental agreement
  • Personal automobile  insurance carrier (if driving personal vehicle).

Complete and submit a Vehicle Accident Report

The driver and the driver’s supervisor shall complete the Vehicle Accident/Incident Report, (paper copy found in the glove box of the vehicle) for all accidents involving a State of WI / UW Fleet Vehicle.

Submit this completed report to Risk Management within 24 hours.

  • Contact local law enforcement, request a police report, and send a copy to Risk Management. If an officer does not initiate a police report, and the damage exceeds $1,000, you will be required to complete and submit a surrogate form called the Wisconsin Driver Report of Accident.
  • Risk Management office will proceed to thoroughly investigate the accident and handle insurance requirements on any damages to the property of others, injury to others or damages to University property.


Risk Management's location

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