ATP adopts “Workday First” approach to ShopUW+

As part of the Workday implementation, ATP has reviewed hundreds of ancillary systems, including ShopUW+, to determine the best way to conduct UW business.

The Universities of Wisconsin system and UW-Madison will adopt a Workday-first approach for procurement, which means using a “sandwich model” integration with ShopUW+.

How does the “Sandwich Model” work?

  • The procurement processes will start and end in Workday.
  • During the procurement process the user may be moved in and then out of the ShopUW+ system.

EXAMPLE:  Requisitions will be started from a Workday screen (the bottom piece of bread of the sandwich), directly linked to ShopUW+ for catalog shopping (the meat/cheese of the sandwich) and returned to Workday for approvals and PO distribution (the top piece of bread of the sandwich).

  • Non-catalog requisitions will not use ShopUW+ and will be entirely created, submitted and approved in Workday.

Why we will take this approach:

  • We will be able to capitalize on the benefits of a holistic financial system. Having all our financial transactions in one place will enhance our efficiency, accuracy, control, security, and transparency.
  • By utilizing functionality of both Workday and ShopUW+, we can maximize system performance and stability.
  • We can provide a consistent Workday experience, including navigation and reporting, for all end users.
  • End users will have access to data and changes in real-time and funding will be immediately available for procurement.

Our Priorities:

  • To sustain efficient internal controls to meet federal and state requirements.
  • To develop a sound, sustainable technology architecture in support of procurement activities.
  • To deliver a quality user experience, including access to procurement information.