Division of Business Services Newsletter – October 2019

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W-9 or W-8 BEN Required for all Payment Requests

As part of Accounting Services transition to SHARE supplier files, all Direct Payment (DP) and Payment to Individual (PIR) requests going forward will require a W-9 or W-8 BEN. This is required even if the payment is tax de minimis. Starting November 1, 2019, Accounts Payable will reject DP/PIRs that do not  have a W9 on file.

MDS Service Assessment Changes

In accordance with Federal guidelines, we have updated the FY20 MDS Service Assessment rates based on actual FY18 and FY19 financial results.  This recalculation has resulted in an across the board decrease in the MDS Service Assessment. The new rates were effective September 10, 2019.  Additional information about the MDS Service Assessment and why it was implemented can be found at https://shopuw.wisc.edu/shopuw-faq/#MDSServiceAssessment 

UWSA Policy 363 Change Requests of Bank and Contact Information

As part of Accounts Payables’ efforts to address Policy 363, contact information will be required for all new suppliers created. The DP/PIR form will be updated to require either an existing supplier number or a phone and email address.

The full policy is available at https://www.wisconsin.edu/uw-policies/uw-system-administrative-policies/change-requests-of-bank-and-contact-information/.

Capital Equipment Considerations when Paying Invoices

As the University continues to strengthen its stewardship of capital equipment, we work to expand the knowledge base of capital considerations throughout the entire life cycle of equipment. Having the proper conversations during the budgeting, purchasing, and payment processes can reduce re-work labor and audit exceptions. The Accounts Payable process of “Positive Approval” requests the department to consider an invoice prior to payment. Updates to the communications relative to the positive approval process have recently been made to highlight capital considerations. The department is requested to confirm the following relative to payments being made associated with 46XX account strings:

  1. Confirm the equipment has been received and is functioning as intended.
  2. If an invoice includes both supply and capital charges, the invoice is to be reviewed to confirm the proper allocation between accounts. This is especially important with multiple shipments where capital may be arriving at a later date. Each invoice received must detail specifically the charges associated to capital.
  3. If an invoice is being funded by multiple departments or projects, the department should confirm the proper custodial rights per contracts and negotiations.

The Prompt Payment Law does allow for exceptions to the 30-day payment requirement when goods or services are not received in accordance with the terms of contract. To stop the interest rate calculation due to concerns with capital equipment, the department can contact the Accounts Payable team member who emailed the positive approval request.

Questions on what qualifies as capital equipment may be directed to the Property Control Team at property@bussvc.wisc.edu.

NEW Surplus Exchange Program

UW SWAP has implemented a new program designed to facilitate the internal repurposing of the University’s non-capital surplus property.  The Surplus Exchange is an online inventory of items made available exclusively to UW-Madison departments for their programmatic use.  With an online request form and the availability of dock delivery, departments can now view and order from SWAP’s inventory, all from the comfort of their office.

The items themselves are free, but SWAP does charge a flat Handling & Listing fee to help cover a portion of their costs.  For more information, see the Surplus Exchange Information page at https://swap.wisc.edu/surplus-exchange/

Vendor Refund Deposits

Vendor refunds for Accounts Payable overpayments are now being processed through the AP module in SFS. This will allow better reporting on payments to the supplier and more accurate purchase order encumbrances.

Departments should forward AP refund checks to Business Services at 21 N Park Street, Suite 5101, even if the unit processes its own check scanning or check deposit tickets.

If you have any questions please contact Mark Domaszek at mark.domaszek@wisc.edu.

Use Purchasing Card to pay new FedEx Invoices; FedEx not Applying Payments

The Division of Business Services Disbursements team is aware FedEx has been sending past due notices to UW departments and Divisions. FedEx changed their billing system recently and have not posted our payments to our individual accounts since July.

We have had a case pending with FedEx since September to insure our invoices from July and August get posted to our accounts. This has been discussed with the Travel and Card Team, Accounts Payable and Purchasing, and all agree that in order to avoid issues in the future, we ]recommend paying your new FedEx invoices via Purchasing Card.   Please do not pay any past due invoices, as these have already been remitted by Business Services Accounts Payable. 

You can also contact FedEx directly at 800-645-9424 if you wish to discuss any past due invoices. To avoid duplicate payment, please do not send copies of paid invoices to Accounts Payable. You can verify paid invoices in WISDM and WISER by looking up the invoice number including the dashes.