Student Information System (SIS) Account Freeze

In preparation for the implementation of Workday, the Bursar’s Office has been working on transitioning the accounting method in the Student Information System (SIS) from Cash to Accrual. This upgrade will involve an update to the tables used to support the Student Financial Accounts as well as creating the appropriate accounting journals to transition to accrual accounting. The process will take multiple days to complete and will freeze processes that result in changes to the Student Financial Accounts.

How long will Student Accounts be frozen?

  • End of day Friday, June 28 through Friday, July 5, 2024.

 What will be impacted during the update?

  • Financial aid will not be adjusted.
  • Tuition Calculation will be turned off for all students.
    • Charges will not update (increase/decrease).
    • Waivers and deferrals will not be applying.
  • Group Posting processing will be paused.  No charges will be posted.
  • Students will not be able to initiate a payment.
  • Refunds to students will not be issued.
  • Any payment or scholarship received by the Bursar’s Office will be applied once the Student Account is available.
  • The due date normally scheduled during this time is pushed back to July 12th.

What is NOT impacted during the update?

  • Students will be able to add or drop classes as needed.

 Is there anything that I need to do prior to Student Accounts being frozen on June 28?

  • Please have all internal third-party bills paid in full for any term prior to Summer.

After the update has been completed, what will change?

  • All processes that were paused will resume.
  • There will be no change in how the financial information is displayed on student accounts.
  • Departments will see the revenue accounted for at the time the charges are assessed to the student accounts, including Accounts Receivable in WISER.

An online training session is available through UW Shared Services to share additional information on the campus transition from Cash to Accrual accounting,