Cash Only Deposit Form

This form is used for cash deposits only.

Download Cash Only Deposit Form (Excel)

Per Wisconsin State Statutes, (Chap. 20.906 Wis. Statutes), all payments/receipts collected or received are to be deposited within 5 business days.

The Bursar’s Office is cashless and does not accept cash deposits. Departments are responsible for depositing all cash collected or received with US Bank directly within the time frame established by Wisconsin State Statute 20.906.

All moneys collected or received from customers or vendors of the University of Wisconsin–Madison (the University) belong to the University. These moneys may not be deposited with the University of Wisconsin Foundation or to an individual’s private bank account. Moneys collected or received may not be deposited into the University’s replenishable/contingent bank accounts, including petty cash accounts and custodian fund checking accounts, or be used to purchase supplies or services.

To avoid theft or loss, it is recommended departments deposit cash at a US Bank branch multiple times a week; however, collected or received cash must be deposited weekly at a minimum. Cash deposits must be hand delivered to a US Bank branch; they cannot be mailed to US Bank. Departments are expected to ensure appropriate cash handling procedures, management oversight and internal controls (for example separation of duties) are in place over cash deposits. 

Deposit procedures

Follow the deposit procedures below to ensure funds are deposited appropriately and are timely posted to your department’s funding string:

Recurring cash deposits

Order US Bank deposit tickets and plastic bank bags from UW Cash Management to make these deposits directly at a US Bank branch. These deposits will be coded to your department clearing account. 

One-off cash deposit

  • Deposit cash at a US Bank branch with a generic deposit ticket containing UW–Madison banking details. (Please request banking details from UW Cash Management at, as these are not published.) Email a completed Cash Only Deposit Form to, which will ensure cash is coded to the appropriate accounting string.

Completing the Cash Only Deposit Form


  • If the receipt relates to a refund of an expenditure, use the same funding string used for the original expenditure.
  • For deposits relating to prior year Fund 101 expenditures, use the following funding string: Fund 131, Project 131A006, account code 9209.
  • Any revenue deposits related to Funds 233 must be submitted with a gift routing form and donor intent documentation.
  • Any revenue deposits related to Fund 161 must be submitted to UW System for deposit at 780 Regent St, Suite 305, Attn: Trust Fund Office
  • All deposits using account code 9050 and 9051 require a program code to be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or F.
  • The Tax Code field is used to calculate sales tax and can only be selected for account codes beginning with 9XXX.

Note: After filling in each field, use the tab key to move to the next field.

Contact Information (person completing form)
Prepared By: Enter full name of person preparing form.
Department Name: Enter full name of the department making deposit.
Dept ID: Enter 6-digit department identification code.
Date: Enter date the form is completed.
Phone No.: Enter the preparer’s telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx.
Email: Enter the preparer’s e-mail address.
Receipt Box: Check the box if the deposits relate to customer payments for the sale of goods/services
Refund of Expense Box: Check the box if the deposit relates to vendor payments for rebates, duplicated payments, reimbursement of travel, over payments, and/or returned merchandise.
Reason for Deposit: Enter reason for the deposit.
Funding, Amount, and Description Fields: Funding Fields: Codes
Dept: Enter 6-digit Division/Department ID.
Fund: Enter 3-digit Fund ID.
Prog: Enter 1-digit Activity Code either 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, F, R.
Project: Enter 7-digit Project ID which will start with “PRJ” followed by a sequence of 4 alphanumeric characters or start with the 3-digit Fund Code.
Act ID: Leave blank
Account: Enter 4-digit SFS account code (numeric numbers).
County Tax Code Name: The Tax Code field is used to calculate sales tax and can only be selected for account codes beginning with 9XXX. If sales tax applies to sale, pick the county name which relates to the sale from drop down list.
Amount: Enter gross amount of deposit relating to the funding line as a negative amount (credit).  Remember to enter the amount as a number, no commas, followed by a decimal point for the cents.
Description: Enter the customer/vendor name followed by brief describe which will help you identify this deposit (max 30 alpha numeric characters).
PO No. or Journal No.: When applicable, enter the PO or Journal ID related to this deposit (max 10 alpha numeric characters). For vendor refunds, enter PO number.
Voucher No.: For vendor refunds, enter the Voucher ID in WISER which relates to this refund (max 10 alpha numeric characters).
Invoice No.: When applicable, enter the Invoice No. related to this deposit (max 12 alpha numeric characters).
Total Deposit: Leave as is; will auto fill based on amounts entered above.
Currency section: Enter the number of coins/dollars per each currency type. Total currency must equal total deposit.
Preparer’s Signature: All forms must be signed by the preparer.
Department Approvals: All forms must have the department’s supervisor signature, date, printed name and phone number.
Received by Cash Management: Leave as is; Cash Management will put initials and date when received.

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