Campus Physical Inventory Update

The “FY21 Physical Inventory Schedule” is now available on our Property Control page located under the section titled “Department Property Administrator Information”.

Under the guidance of UW System policy 300-Interim 02, an extension was granted to all FY20 inventories in progress allowing for completion of the inventory by June 30, 2021.  The “FY20 Physical Inventory Schedule” located on the Property Control website has also been updated to offer insight towards the FY20 inventories carried over to FY21.

All campus units required to finalize FY20 inventories or selected to initiate an FY21 physical inventory have been personally contacted by Property Control. DPAs received an email from Property Control on 1/28/21, reminding those not selected of the higher risk of loss during these difficult times. The DPA is encouraged to conduct an assessment of assets upon their return to campus. If you are a listed DPA and did not receive the communication please reach out to Property Control via email at