Coming Soon: Purchasing Card Module

Purchasing Cardholders, Site Managers and Divisional Business Office Leadership,

In conjunction with UW System Administration and UW Oshkosh, UW Madison staff have been working to implement the purchasing card module of PeopleSoft (SFS) for purchasing card reconciliation.  This module will replace the use of U.S. Bank’s Access Online for cardholders and site managers and includes benefits for purchasing card users at every level, including cardholders, site managers, Divisional Business Office leadership, program administrators and program auditors:

  • Allows for both cardholder and site manager allocation (currently, only site managers have the ability to allocate purchasing card transactions in Access Online).
  • Decreases the time between when a purchase is made and when the transaction posts to the University’s general ledger.
  • Allows for electronic retention of purchasing card supporting documentation in one system of record.
  • Allows for electronic review and approval of purchasing card transactions and supporting documentation.
  • Decreases administrative burden during post-payment audit process (e.g. Business Services will no longer need to request documentation from site managers for audit).

Timeline: An exact implementation date has not been determined yet as the team is currently in the planning/development stages of the project; however, the goal is to implement the module before the end of the calendar year.

Refresher Training: A decision has been made to postpone the Annual Online Purchasing Card Refresher Training until we can incorporate training for the new module into the course.  All active purchasing cardholders and site managers will be required to complete the course later on this year.

Questions/Comments: Feel free to reach out if you have questions/comments about this project.  Further information will be forthcoming.



Meghann Grove
Card Program Manager
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