Check Deposits – Operational update

For information related to sponsored check payments, please visit RSP’s website at:

For information related to UW Foundation check deposits, please visit the following link:

This communication is intended specifically for UW-Madison related check deposits.

We understand the challenges faced by campus staff for logistics around depositing checks under the current circumstances. Unfortunately, we currently do not have mechanisms in place to facilitate remote handling of check deposits. If this were to change, we will inform as such. Please use your best judgment in carrying out essential business activities, while ensuring employees’ well-being and safety.

We have received numerous questions and hoping to provide some additional guidance through this communication. We have a few options for depositing checks to consider:

  • Deposits made at a US Bank location directly (preferred)
    • Deposits should be secured in a plastic bank bag with deposit ticket and directly dropped off at a US Bank location.
    • Make sure the deposit ticket is included so the bank can process it as a deposit for UW Madison. Each deposit ticket is linked to a specific department and their respective accounting string. If you have any queries, please reach out to us for details at:
    • When making the drop deposits please include a note requesting a receipt. E-mail receipts to
    • For departments without deposit tickets and/or plastic bags, please send requests to, and we can request them from for your department.
  • ACH/Wire payments (preferred)
    • As an alternative to check payments, departments may request new and existing customers switch to ACH/wire payments for payment directly deposited into the UW-Madison bank account.
    • It’s a fairly simple process and serves as an opportunity to also improve financial internal controls by shifting from checks to electronic payments. The cash management team strongly encourages this option and is readily available to help set this up.
    • For anyone interested, please forward your requests to us at:
  • Deposit checks dropped off at 21 NPS building
    • Access to the building is currently restricted; however, the building manager, Matt Hanson is onsite (Monday through Friday from 7:30AM- 4:30PM) and will accept check deposits.
    • Please co-ordinate drop off with Matt by email ( or cell phone (608-628-2019) to plan your trip.
  • Interdepartmental mail
    • If interdepartmental mail is still operating for your building, please continue to use per normal process.
    • Please be advised that there have been changes to the mail services scope of operations and schedule. Ensure staff and managers are aware of changes for respective campus locations.
  • Armored car pick up services
    • As campus buildings access has been restricted during the Governor’s stay at home order, many Thillens stops on campus have been cancelled or rescheduled. If you need to cancel or request a pick up please reach out to us at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at:

Thank you for your help and co-operation.