New UW-Madison Travel Manager

The Travel and Card Team is excited to welcome Terry Wilson as our new Travel Manager!  Terry joins us from Fox World Travel where he spent the last nine years in project management and after-hours travel service (including providing service to our UW travelers!). Terry brings extensive travel industry knowledge and experience.  Terry will be the main contact for travel-related policy/procedure questions and will maintain partnerships with the UWSA Travel Office and our contracted travel agencies.

Terry will also be leading a new training session titled “Introduction to UW-Madison’s Managed Travel Program and Concur”.  The 90-minute session is designed to introduce the UW-Madison Managed Travel Program and use of the online booking tool Concur to travelers and travel arrangers.  Its purpose is to make managing profiles and booking in Concur as easy and efficient as possible.  An overview of our contracted agencies, required travel vendors, and administrative group bookings will also be provided.

Registration is available at this link:

Terry looks forward to providing these sessions and collaborating with frequent travelers and arrangers.

Terry Wilson

Travel Manager