322 Non-Payable/Reimbursable Expenses

This policy documents expenses not payable or reimbursable by the University. The list is not all-inclusive.322 Non-Payable/Reimbursable Expenses (formerly 201.M)322 Non-Payable/Reimbursable Expenses (formerly 201.M)

317 International Travel Policy

International travel requires additional considerations not applicable to domestic travel. This policy outlines the University’s policies in regards to these considerations. 

316 Registration Fees Policy

Registration fees for official participation at conferences, conventions, trainings or meetings related to University business are payable/reimbursable by the University.  

314 Vehicle Use/Rental Policy

The University will pay or reimburse for business use of a vehicle. Employees must be authorized drivers prior to using a vehicle on University business. Vehicle options include using a personal vehicle, renting a vehicle, or utilizing the University’s fleet of vehicles. Travelers are expected to utilize the most cost effective option when traveling by vehicle.

313 Meals and Incidentals Policy

When a traveler is expected to incur costs for meals and incidentals for overnight business travel, the University will reimburse meal and incidental expenses (M&IE) under a per diem allowance.