Travel and Expense Reimbursement Updates – July 2023

Several travel and expense policy changes went into effect July 1, 2023.

Policy updates

The modified policies include Air Travel, Vehicle Use/Rental, and Official Functions and Expenses. Please see below for policy changes.

  • UW-3016 Air Travel
    • The cost comparison section of policy has been updated to include the new 80% rule and more detailed requirements regarding when cost comparisons are required. Note: the 80% rule is effective 7/1/23, and applies to airfare purchased 7/1/23 or later.
  • UW-3019 Vehicle Use/Rental
    • Cost comparison language for mileage has been updated to reflect 1000 miles as the distance at which a cost comparison is required. Please note the mileage limit applies to mileage incurred on 7/1/23 or later. Claims for mileage dated prior to 7/1/23 would still require a cost comparison at 800 miles, since that was the policy in effect at the time.
  • UW-3075 Official Functions and Expenses
    • The house-hunting provision has been removed from Official Functions and Expenses policy. House-hunting expenses are no longer payable or reimbursable.
    • If a Department or Division wishes to support a house hunting trip, the only way they may do so is to offer it as part of the relocation stipend (include an amount for house hunting) at/after job acceptance. The stipend is taxable, and as such it will meet tax reporting requirements for house hunting.
    • Job applicant interview travel may include a spouse/significant other/companion with a preapproved Official Function form.

For questions on travel policy, please reach out to UW-Madison Travel Manager Terry Wilson at

Expense reimbursement updates

  • The new student lodging account codes and expense type are now in production and available in Shared Financial Services (SFS).
    Code Type Short description Long description Purpose
    2853 Expense Student Lodging in State Student Lodging in State To track any student lodging expenses for compliance with the Clery Act. This new account code should make Clery Act reporting much more efficient.
    2854 Expense Student Lodging Out of State Student Lodging Out of State
    2855 Expense Student Lodging Foreign Student Lodging Foreign
  • There is only one expense type for student lodging, “Lodging-Student”, and SFS will automatically select the proper account code (in-state, out-of-state, foreign) based on the REFERENCE selection in the header of the expense report (in-state, out-of-state, foreign). As a reminder, be sure to enter the address in the “Description” field.
    Screenshot of the Shared Financial System (SFS) showing an example of Student Lodging selections and where the address of lodging is input.
    Click screenshot above to enlarge.

For expense reimbursement questions, please email Expense Reimbursement Program Manager Allie Watters at