Division of Business Services Newsletter – February 2020

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FY20 Year End Timetable

The FY 2020 Year End Timetable for year-end processing deadlines has been published and can be found on the Accounting Services website:


Please note: As we receive final deadlines from UWSA, these dates could change. We will communicate any updates to this timetable if they occur.

Update to Tuition Remission Surcharge for PA’s

Due to the new January 1st, 2020 FLSA payroll regulations, an update to the tuition remission surcharge process was required to account for the Project/Program Assistants (PA’s) that are now being paid hourly.

For the PA’s that have been converted over to being paid on an hourly basis, the following calculation is used to come up with their new 100% FTE monthly rate.

  • Hourly comprate will be calculated by taking the student’s hourly rate * 8 hours * number of working days in the month being processed.

We recognize that by calculating the student’s FTE by using salary that is driven by number of hours worked, could cause students to fall slightly below the required 33.3% FTE. Therefore, for these individuals that fall below the required FTE, we will be validating against HRS appointments to ensure that the student has over 33.3% FTE for the duration of the semester to determine eligibility. If they meet this criteria, they will still receive the tuition waiver and surcharge.

To help with projecting tuition remission charges, please use the FY19-20 semester excel workbook tool:


Withholding Expense Type Added to e-Reimbursement

On February 26, a tax withholding expense type was added to e-Reimbursement (“E-Re Estimated Withholding”).  When reimbursing people for relocation expenses, it will be required to include a withholding expense line to account for the taxes.  An automated notification will explain the requirement and suggest withholding 30% of the reimbursement amount.   The withholding must be entered as a negative number and will reduce the net reimbursement.

This withholding expense type can also be used for withholding taxes on reimbursements submitted over 90 days and tuition reimbursements that exceed the allowable limits (although it is not required in these situations).

P2P Automation Project Launches Website

The Procure-to-Pay Automation Project (P2P), aimed at transforming purchasing and accounts payable systems and business processes across the UW System, has launched a new website.

The site will be updated on a regular basis with news of project timelines, milestones and future state features.  Employees across UW System can learn more about the project and follow the progress at https://p2p.wisc.edu/

New Assistant Director of Purchasing for Verona Operations

Brian Kopp has been appointed to the position of Assistant Director – Purchasing, Verona Operations.  Brian is responsible for leadership of the Verona Operations, including Materials Distribution Services or “MDS”, and Surplus With A Purpose or “SWAP”.  Brian brings a strong background and track record of professional success, most recently with PPG Industries, a Fortune 200 global supplier and manufacturer.

Brian has more than fifteen years’ experience in roles responsible for inventory and supply chain management, operations management, production control and scheduling, and data analytics.  I look forward to your support as we welcome Brian to the Purchasing leadership team.

New Assistant Director of Cash Management & Financial Control

Omar Siddiqi has joined the Division of Business Services as Assistant Director of Cash Management & Financial Control leading the Division’s qualified and professional Cash Management team.

Omar’s prior experience includes supervisory and financial accounting management, analysis and reporting, including various capital management, cash flow activities for health care related institutions in Canada the most recent six years, preceded by five years of audit and accounting roles at Deloitte and Baker Tilly.  Omar is both a credentialed Chartered Professional Accountant and a Chartered Accountant and earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Business Services Training

Many Division of Business Services training sessions are available to you and your staff throughout March and April 2020.

A new session, Introduction to Purchasing, will be offered monthly beginning in April. Learn more and register here: https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?tabid=29&SeriesKey=1664

The entire list of Business Services trainings can be viewed in the OHRD catalog at https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?tabid=29&SeriesKey=202.

Internal Controls:  Did you Know?
Separation of Duties

Separation of Duties (SOD), a.k.a. segregation of duties is an internal control that involves breaking down financial tasks that might reasonably be completed by a single individual.

Learn more about Separation of Duties