Reserving Lodging

How to reserve lodging, how to pay for lodging, and what lodging-related expenses are allowed.


How to reserve lodging

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All lodging must be reserved through the Concur online system, directly with an Agent at Fox World Travel, or by booking directly with the lodging facility. Use of a third-party booking site (e.g. Airbnb,, Travelocity) is prohibited.

The University has contracts with various lodging suppliers in top travel destinations, including Wisconsin. UW contract rates are only offered within Concur

Book Online with Concur

Concur travel guides are available on the UW TravelWIse page.

Note: New Concur users must first register for a Concur profile.

Contact a Fox World Travel Agent toll free at (866) 230-8787.

Airbnb and VRBO are not allowed

Lodging at unlicensed facilities such as Airbnb and VRBO is non-payable/reimbursable.

Arranging Travel for Other Employees, Guests and Groups

Designated Travel Arrangers have the ability to book airfare on behalf of employees and non-employees. The employee will need to assign a Travel Arranger in Concur.

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Assign a Travel arranger

Travel for non-employees/guests

To allow a Travel Arranger to make travel arrangements on behalf of a non-employee/guest, contact the UW-Madison Travel Manager.

Group Lodging

Contact Purchasing Services if you are required to sign a contract or the anticipated cost exceeds $5,000.

How to Pay

Travelers can use a Purchasing Card, a My Corporate Card or a personal credit card to pay for lodging and related expenses.

Lodging Rates

Travelers are limited to the daily rate for the location. Use the UW TravelWIse Lodging and Per Diem Calculator to see the daily rates for the dates and location of your trip.

Conference lodging

Travelers attending conferences or other business events not organized by the University may exceed the lodging rate for the location if staying at the conference site or another hotel recommended by the conference organizer. Include a conference brochure as justification with a payment or reimbursement request.

Exceeding daily rates

If a non-conference lodging rate exceeds the University’s maximum, travelers and travel arrangers should check Concur/Fox World Travel to ensure a more favorable rate is not available prior to making a reservation. A cost comparison from Concur/Fox World Travel must be attached to the payment or reimbursement request in order to exceed the daily rate.

Allowable Lodging-Related Expenses

The following items are payable or reimbursable by the University:

Internet (for business use)
One night deposit

Other expenses such as room service, meals and tips are reimbursed to the traveler as part of a per diem allowance.

Sharing Rooms

When opting to share lodging, each traveler is eligible for the location lodging maximum.

Special circumstances

Extended Lodging

The University allows for payment/reimbursement of extended lodging, such as extended stay hotels or weekly/monthly rentals, when a traveler remains in travel status for 30 days or longer.

Combining Business and Personal Travel

Any additional costs related to personal travel (e.g. companion travelers, extra nights for personal vacation) are not payable/reimbursable by the University.


Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions.

Divisional Business Offices may e-mail with questions.