Change Funds

Funds used to operate retail operations and cash registers.

Change Funds are often used by campus departments when change is a need for retail operations. A Custodian and Reconciler are required.

Common tasks

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Open a change fund

Follow the steps outlined in 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure to open a Change Fund.

Use the following forms to open an change fund:

You will need to use the NR Number Generator tool to generate a unique number for your new change fund.

Access NR Number Generator

Maintain a change fund

View steps for the main tasks for maintaining a Change Fund in 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure.

The following tasks may need to be completed at times—the needed forms are listed underneath the task. See the procedure linked above for information on who needs to complete or sign each form and where the completed forms should be sent. (The forms will often have routing information listed as well.)

Change the custodian or reconciler of a change fund

Order more deposit tickets for a change fund

Order more plastic bank bags for a change fund

Add or change an armored car stop 

Change US Bank SinglePoint access

Close a Change Fund

Please email Cash Management via the Custodian Funds email address (, per 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure.


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