Change Funds

Funds used to operate retail operations and cash registers.

Change Funds are often used by campus departments when change is a need for retail operations. A Custodian and Reconciler are required.

Common tasks

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Open a change fund

To open a change fund, follow 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure

Use the following forms to open an change fund:

You will need to use the NR Number Generator tool to generate a unique number for your new change fund.

Access NR Number Generator

Maintain a change fund

To maintain a change fund, follow 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure for the main tasks. In addition, the following tasks may need to be completed at times:

Change the custodian or reconciler of a change fund

Order more deposit tickets for a change fund

Order more plastic bank bags for a change fund

Add or change an armored car stop 

Change US Bank SinglePoint access

Close a Change Fund

To close a change fund, please contact Cash Management via the Custodian Funds e-mail address ( per 3012.6 Change Fund Procedure.


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