April 2024 Travel, Expense, and Card Policy Updates

The Travel and Card team is happy to announce the following policy updates and changes:

  • UW-3022, International Travel: To align with Universities of Wisconsin foreign/international travel policy, two new allowable expenses associated with international travel will be added: international calling/data plans when accompanied by a business justification and required inoculations/vaccinations.
  • UW-3024, Expense Reimbursement: Universities of Wisconsin require receipts regardless of cost for international calling/data plans as well as required inoculations/vaccinations. These have been added to the section “Receipts are always required…”
  • UW-3018, Meals and Incidentals: A note has been added to clarify that individual phone calls are included in the incidental per diem rate, but international calling/data plans are reimbursable for foreign travel if supported by a UW business purpose.
  • UW-3075, Official Functions and Expenses: Several Divisions on campus have reached out regarding whether children/dependent travel expenses may be included as part of an Official Function pre-approval for a UW-Madison job interview trip. Policy language currently limits this to “a spouse/significant other/companion.” The “a” will be removed to allow for more flexibility in arranging job interview travel, where the number of accompanying individuals is not limited to one. The policy will now read: “Travel expenses for spouse/significant other/companions to accompany an applicant on a UW-Madison job interview trip.” The approved Official Function must outline each additional traveler for the job interview trip, the approved travel expenses for additional travelers, and the business benefit for including the additional traveler(s) on the job interview trip.
  • UW-3026, Non-Payable/Non-Reimbursable Expenses: This policy needed to be updated to reflect that dependent travel expenses may be payable/reimbursable if associated with a preapproved Official Function for job applicant travel. Additionally, a provision for rental of graduation regalia was added. Purchase of regalia is neither payable nor reimbursable. Finally, we clarified a point of confusion around manuscript expenses; both article submission fees and article publication fees are payable/reimbursable when purchased using a card product (e.g., debit, credit).

All of these changes are reflected in the UW-Madison Policy Library.